John Boehner’s House Gets a Vote of Confidence

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

From the Speaker’s remarks tonight: 

For two years, our majority in the House has been the primary line of defense for the American people against a government that spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much when left unchecked.

In the face of a staggering national debt that threatens our children’s future, our majority passed a budget that begins to solve the problem.

While others chose inaction in the face of this threat, we offered solutions.

The American people want solutions — and tonight, they’ve responded by renewing our majority.

With this vote, the American people have also made clear that there is NO mandate for raising tax rates.

What Americans want are solutions that will ease the burden on small businesses, bring jobs home, and let our economy grow.

We stand ready to work with any willing partner — Republican, Democrat, or otherwise — who shares a commitment to getting these things done.

We’re humbled to have again been entrusted by the American people with the responsibility of leading the People’s House.

We’ll never take it for granted, and we won’t let you down.”


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