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The People’s Choice


“Mitt Romney: Not one of us.” That was the slogan of an Obama ad. And, yes, Mitt Romney is not one of us. Who’s “us”? Whoever we are, or they are, Romney isn’t one of them. And I’m not either. Fine with me, in a way. I don’t think much of Obama’s “us.”

I’m very sorry that Obama has won again, because I think he’s a bad president, and I’ve also come to think very little of him as a man. But even more, probably, I’m sorry that Mitt Romney won’t be president. I think he would have been an excellent one. I think he would have shored up the country, reestablished us — but the people have spoken.

And have no doubt: They saw the way Obama governed for four years, and they wanted it again. In 2008, Obama was all gauzy and intangible — “hope and change,” etc. Now they have seen. The debt is more than $16 trillion. The budget deficit is more than $1 trillion. Entitlements chug along, as though they were not headed toward a cliff. Obamacare is set. Unemployment is 7.9 percent.

Four more years!

That is the people’s verdict: four more years. So, what is left for the likes of us to do? (And by “us,” I mean those excluded from Barack Obama’s “us.”)

Well, we can try to persuade. Keep making our case. Alternatively, the pain of economic decline might wake people up. Or not. Gerald Ford liked to say, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” I think the American people — the new American people — are saying, “Yeah, so?”

I thought a lot was possible under Romney — tax reform, reform of entitlements, spending control, immigration reform, a coming to grips with Iran. I think very little of a positive nature is possible under Obama. We could be in for a markedly difficult time. But remember: In a democracy, the people choose.

Outside my window now, they’re whooping it up, just like four years ago. This is the sound of the American people. The modern “yawp.” Obama promised that he would “fundamentally transform” the country. And lo . . .

I will say once more: We chose it. Or somebody did — the “us” that Mitt Romney is not one of, and that I’m not one of either (glad to say). How about you? Feeling all ussy?


P.S. On the bright side, maybe the Democrats will feel better about the Electoral College . . .


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