Immigration Polling Reality Check

by Mark Krikorian

An election-night poll from Breitbart News and Judicial Watch found more support for enforcement than the immigration expansionists would have you believe:

Americans are still fairly conservative when it comes to immigration policy, with 61% of voters favoring Arizona-style immigration laws and the nation nearly evenly divided on President Barack Obama’s executive action that gave temporary two-year work permits to illegal immigrants who had been brought to this country as children, with 40% in support and 37% opposed.

What’s more:

40% of Democrats and 63% of independents favored Arizona-style laws. A majority of blacks (53%-43%) favored such laws while 58% of Hispanics opposed the law. Forty percent of Hispanics, though, approved. 

When it comes to Obama’s deferred action plan, the Breitbart News poll found while 68% of Democrats favored Obama’s executive action, only 40% of the nation did.

UPDATE: This post has been updated because one of the two polls cited has been withdrawn because of methodological issues.

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