General Petraeus

by Pete Hegseth

The news of CIA director David Petraeus’s resignation today is sad, plain, and simple. A decision of this sort is intensely personal, and his to make.

A few quick thoughts: 1) Without knowing (or wanting to know) particulars, I respect the way he handled the announcement. Men (and women) make mistakes — big mistakes — but character is ultimately tested in how they respond. His response was direct and befitting a man taking full responsibility. 2) He will always be “General Petraeus” — a military leader of exceptional courage, vision, and fortitude. He was our generation’s Grant/Eisenhower, and always will be. 3) He will be missed in the Obama administration, as a voice of reason and national security expertise. I would never doubt his ability and willingness to make a tough call.

He will be missed, and history will hold him in high regard. As do I.

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