A Lifelong Package on Immigration

by Michael Auslin

Maggie, the only thing I’d add to your points, or those of the recently converted like Hannity, is that the GOP can’t simply have a Road to Damascus moment on immigration and throw the doors open to amnesty or whatever and expect an electoral conversion. That won’t differentiate the party from the Democrats, who have already built support among Latinos.

The party instead will need to offer a “lifelong package” on immigration that loudly and boldly makes getting into the country just the first step to a better life. The GOP has to make it absolutely clear that it stands for opportunity, education, and wealth promotion, not just amnesty. It will have to be explicit that it not only encourages all those who want to create a better life by their own efforts, but that it will actively support them, long after they get a green card or their naturalization papers. The party has to appeal to the dreams of mothers and fathers who want to be welcomed as partners in the American Dream and who seek a meaningful, better life — not just a handout.

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