The Narrative

by Victor Davis Hanson

Benghazi remains a confusing tragedy, due to the fog of war and conflicting accounts, some of them wrongly reported in the media. At present they are all carefully being sorted out in bipartisan fashion by reputable diplomats. At this early juncture, we do not believe that it is helpful to reply to all sorts of rumors and innuendoes and have concentrated instead on getting to the bottom of things as well as hunting down the assailants of our brave fallen Americans. As for General Petraeus, our heart goes out to his family. Obviously as soon as the president was apprised of the unfortunate situation he immediately took action and with regret, given General Petraeus’s sterling record of service, much of it during this administration, he had no choice but to ask for the CIA director’s resignation. It was the president’s understanding that the FBI had just completed a long internal and heretofore classified investigation leading to an administration briefing on Friday about the seriousness of the situation and the need to act swiftly and decisively. Such prompt action will ensure the reputation of the CIA and end the current and needless speculation. Likewise, we look forward to congressional hearings that will clear the air about the confusion arising over the Benghazi tragedy. And we wish General Petraeus well in his future endeavors, and so now consider the unfortunate incident closed.

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