Lest We Forget

by Mark Steyn

After yesterday’s Remembrance Day observances at Coronation Park in Toronto, someone wrote on the Cenotaph:


Gord Pierce of the Royal Canadian Legion denounced the vandalism as “sick” but also demonstrated the reflexive if confused multiculti prostrations which those on the receiving end of such sentiments feel obliged to make:

Pierce also said the memorial recognizes the victory in World War II, the result of which is Toronto is a city where many languages are spoken.

So there’s that.

And actually the graffiti artist shows an ability to communicate in clear and admirably straightforward English that seems to be beyond those struggling to respond to him.

UPDATE: At the sharp end of the threat expressed above, here’s how one of our Afghan “allies” chose to mark November 11th, in an incident that stands in forlorn contrast to the famous Christmas Eve impromptu football match between British and German troops in the Great War.

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