‘Hard Questions Await President Obama At News Conference’

by Peter Kirsanow

That’s the Politico headline about today’s presidential news conference. It may be one of the more fanciful headlines you’ll read in a long time. The article then goes on to list several potential questions that, given the present circumstances, would be considered softballs for any other president; among other things, they’re framed with the presumption that everything we’ve heard from administration spokesmen in the last two months is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

The questions asked in today’s press conference are immaterial. When the press conference is over, we still won’t know why additional security wasn’t provided to the consulate in Benghazi despite multiple requests, why Ty Woods was told to stand down, who gave the order to stand down, why multiple appeals for support went unanswered, where the president was on the evening of September 11, why the president stuck to the video-as-cause falsehood for several weeks, who told Susan Rice to perpetuate that falsehood, what Secretary of State Clinton was doing before, during, and after the attack, what was actually going on at the annex, when the president learned Petraeus was under FBI investigation, how that investigation may have affected what Petraeus told members of Congress, why Petraeus conveniently ”resigned” after the president won reelection, who’s on first . . .

The questions are endless. They are not questions that will yield credible answers from a president cocooned by a complacent, complicit press for four years. They are questions that must be asked in congressional hearings and answered by dozens of witnesses under oath.

At the outset of every major political scandal, misinformation, deception, confusion and lies outweigh facts, honesty, clarity and truth. This is just the beginning of the Benghazi scandal.

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