A Positive Thought

by Charles C. W. Cooke

A positive thought to mull amid last Tuesday’s wreckage and the talk of permanent Democratic victory: These two maps, from 1988 and 1992 respectively, show two presidential elections just four years apart. Different time, different demographics, different problems. And yes, yes: things don’t seem to be moving in our direction, our problems transcend electoral politics, and there is a real difference between the GOP and the conservative movement. I’m in despair, too. But it’s worth remembering that nothing is permanent in politics; events dear boy, events; sometimes Ross Perot shows up; &c.



In other words: I suspect that if, in 1988, you’d told George H. W. Bush that, having presided over the collapse of the Soviet Union and won a decisive victory in the first Gulf War, he would lose California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Montana, and Georgia to a pot-smoking, Vietnam-dodging, former McGovern volunteer who would go on to sign a welfare reform package that Ronald Reagan could only have dreamed of…well, he would have died laughing.

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