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King: Susan Rice Should Have Checked If Talking Points Agreed with Classified Information



Homeland Security Committee chair Peter King criticized U.N. ambassador Susan Rice this morning, saying that as a top official, she should not have appeared on the Sunday morning shows days after the Benghazi attack relying solely on talking points provided to her.

“As U.N. ambassador, she had access to all the classified information from the State Department,” King said on This Week. “She certainly could have gotten a classified briefing. She would have sat down with the National Security Council, and she would have known that those talking points had been watered down, and she could have caveated that — her statement, which she didn’t.”

“She left a clear impression that this was a spontaneous demonstration based on the video,” he continued. “And as President Obama said, don’t blame Susan Rice, because she had nothing to do with Benghazi, then why do they send her out as the representative to the American people?”


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