Lindsey Graham Unplugged: ‘I Blame the President for Making this a Death Trap’

by Eliana Johnson

In his appearance this morning on Meet the Press, Lindsey Graham said Susan Rice is nothing but a “bit player” in the Benghazi scandal, and proceeded to heap blame on the intelligence community, the State and Defense Departments, and, ultimately, the president, for allowing our consulate there to become a “death trap.” He called for a select committee to look into the intelligence failures that led to the attack. Prompted by David Gregory, Senator Graham delivered quite a soliloquy: 

What about the months before this attack? What about the rise of Al-Qaeda in Benghazi? What about the British ambassador closing the consulate in Benghazi because it was too dangerous for the British? What about the Red Cross leaving? What about all the warnings to come out of Benghazi? Did the CIA tell president that Benghazi is falling into the hands of Al-Qaeda? And I blame the president more than anybody else. Susan Rice is a bit player here. Was he informed of the June attack on our consulate where they blew a hole where over 40 people could go through? Was he aware of the August 15th cable where Stevens was saying we can’t withstand a coordinated al-Qaeda attack, there are ten militia groups all over Benghazi? I blame the president for making this a death trap. I blame the president for not having assets available to help these people for eight hours. We need a select committee not only to look at intelligence failures, but how could the Department of Defense not help these poor people for over eight hours, and why did the Department of State for over eight months ignore pleas for help? 

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