Beware Hamas Media Spin

by Noah Glyn

No one doubts that the Palestinians in Gaza are suffering a great deal. Many have died as a result of Israeli strikes, largely because Hamas terrorists fire rockets from and hide behind civilian areas. Hamas and pro-Palestinian activists have released numerous pictures of wounded and dead civilians purportedly maimed or killed by Israelis. One would assume that Hamas could find innocents who were killed or injured by Israeli strikes, but many of these images are fraudulent.

Mark Steyn linked to one example of a pro-Palestinian group publishing the picture of a supposedly Palestinian baby injured by Israel. It turns out that the baby is Israeli, and was injured by a Palestinian terrorist attack. Note that the vest in the picture even has Hebrew writing on it.

Another picture, this time disseminated by Hamas:

The problem, as Elder of Ziyon explains, is that a Hamas rocket, not an Israeli one, killed this Palestinian child, Mahmoud Sadallah.#more#

In this video (skip to 2:10), a group carries away an apparently injured Palestinian man, but later in the video (about 2:40) the man is seen walking around. Also, notice that at 2:22 into the video, one Palestinian man lugs another man — again apparently injured — over his shoulder. A few moments later, he puts him down, and the “injured” man seems to be fine.

I’m sure that there are plenty of images demonstrating true Palestinian suffering, but these examples shows the willingness of Hamas and its allies to manipulate the media.

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