West Concedes

by Katrina Trinko

Representative Allen West has announced that he will no longer contest the congressional race, and has conceded to Democrat Patrick Murphy. 

“What we did yesterday was we went back and tried to do an analysis of some of the recount data that we did get, not the full recount data and we did not think that we would be able to get that .08 percent and so therefore we’re not going to go on to continue to challenge this or to contest it,” West said on Fox and Friends. “We’re going to let those results that were sent up to Tallahassee, Florida. To the secretary of state’s office even though St. Lucie County did say there were irregularities in the final results that they sent, we’re going to let that go.”

West indicated he’s made no decision about whether another run is in his future or not.  ”We’ll make that decision as a family as far as where we’re going to move ahead,” he said.

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