Tel Aviv Bus Bombed, At Least 21 Injured

by Patrick Brennan

The Israeli government has declared that a terrorist attack blew up a bus in Israel’s second-largest city this morning, which according to Israel’s Y Net News injured two people moderately to seriously, and 26 others. The explosion appears to have been caused by a planted bomb, rather than a suicide attack, and at least two West Bank militias have claimed responsibility. It was the first such bombing in Tel Aviv since 2006, when the Second Intifada ended. Some pictures:

A Hamas spokesman called the attack on innocents the “natural result of Israel’s aggression on the people of Gaza,” and declared that “if the Israel continues its aggression then all options are open.” In Gaza, messages praising the attack being broadcast from mosques and celebratory gunfire were heard. Meanwhile, reportedly “sweet cakes were handed out in celebration in Gaza’s main hospital.”

It’s been widely suggested that the shocking attack will interrupt or stall negotiations for a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, which Secretary Clinton and Egypt’s president are currently trying to facilitate in Cairo right now. President Morsi had actually indicated as of last night that he expected the violence to halt today, but the Israeli Air Force’s attacks actually simultaneously intensified. Despite how horrific the bombing was, one assumes, if the parties are truly committed to getting a ceasefire presently, it won’t keep them from doing so.

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