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Wait, I Thought Border Control Didn’t Work


From Fareed Zakaria’s column (my emphasis):

As for terrorism, the other asymmetrical strategy against Israel: Despite Wednesday’s attack on a bus in Tel Aviv, Israel is largely protected from terrorists because of the wall it built in 2003.

(Most of it’s actually a fence, not a wall.) Obviously a Honduran dishwasher trying to sneak across our border with Mexico presents a different threat (usually) than a Palestinian terrorist. But does anyone think a crazed Muslim suicide bomber would be less motivated to sneak across Israel’s border, in pursuit of his 72 virgins, than an ordinary schmoe trying to earn some money to add a second story to his mother’s house back in the old country? If not, then why do the great and the good keep telling us that there’s nothing that can be done to control our border?


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