King: Susan Rice ‘Has an Obligation Not Just to Be a Puppet’

by Patrick Brennan

This morning on Meet the Press, House Homeland Security committee chairman Peter King reiterated his criticisms of U.N. ambassador Susan Rice, saying, “Susan Rice is an effective ambassador, but on this she was wrong.” He acquiesced to the claim that, in her September 16 Sunday-shows appearances, Rice merely followed the talking points given to her by the intelligence community (via the White House, presumably), but said “that was basically a cover story,” which Rice should have used her other knowledge to temper and qualify.

King argued that “she gave the clear impression” that the attack on the Benghazi consulate was the result of a spontaneous protest related to a YouTube video, and “totally minimized the terrorist threat.” According to King, “that assessment was incomplete, and she knew it was incomplete.”

Thus, King suggested, Rice should have taken into account the other classified information to which he had access, because “she has an obligation not just to be a puppet,” but to provide her own best assessment of the events.

The congressman from Long Island has previously made similar statements, and called on Rice to resign.

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