Against the EU? We’ll Have Your Foster Children, Please

by Charles C. W. Cooke

The Telegraph with a terrifying story from Britain:

A couple had their three foster children taken away by a council on the grounds that their membership of the UK Independence Party meant that they supported “racist” policies.

The husband and wife, who have been fostering for nearly seven years, said they were made to feel like criminals when a social worker told them that their views on immigration made them unsuitable carers.

Tim Loughton, the former children’s minister, said: “I will be very concerned if decisions have been made about the children’s future that were based on misguided political correctness around ethnic considerations.

Then Tim Loughton should be concerned, because that is exactly what happened.

The wife recalled: “I was dumbfounded. Then my question to both of them was, ‘What has Ukip got to do with having the children removed?’

“Then one of them said, ‘Well, Ukip have got racist policies’. The implication was that we were racist. [The social worker] said Ukip does not like European people and wants them all out of the country to be returned to their own countries.

“I’m sat there and I’m thinking, ‘What the hell is going off here?’ because I wouldn’t have joined Ukip if they thought that. I’ve got mixed race in my family. I said, ‘I am absolutely offended that you could come in my house and accuse me of being a member of a racist party’.”

What “the hell is going off here?” Easy! The couple are terrible people. Right?

The husband was a Royal Navy reservist for more than 30 years and works with disabled people, while his wife is a qualified nursery nurse.

Former Labour voters, they have been approved foster parents for nearly seven years and have looked after about a dozen different children, one of them in a placement lasting four years.

They took on the three children — a baby girl, a boy and an older girl, who were all from an ethnic minority and a troubled family background — in September in an emergency placement.

Nah, they’re “racists.” Because opposing British membership of the European Union is “racist.” Opposing any cap on immigration into a tiny island that is bursting at the seams is “racist.” Arguing that nations don’t work when the culture fragments is “racist.” Free market economics is “racist.” Daring to question the prevailing statist orthodoxy in Britain is “racist.”

Never mind that all of the evidence points to the contrary. Never mind that the European project is collapsing in on itself just as its opponents — who are well accustomed to being termed “little Englanders” or “xenophobes” or “racists” — always predicted that it would. Never mind that opposition to the European Union is a majority position in Europe. Instead, just stay quiet and nod along with the conceit that these people are just bloody “racists” and they don’t deserve to raise children. Besides, the Prime Minister is doing it. Why shouldn’t you?

Napoleon is alive and well, and he is living in British local government offices up and down the land. Stewed in the fetid Leftist mire, he has been given a broad capacity to make serious decisions that affect people’s lives and permitted by the culture to couch his justifications in emotional, slanderous terms that have become all but meaningless.

Still, it was only a matter of time before a case like this hit the headlines and the backlash began. Recent polls show that 56 percent of Britons would vote to leave the European Union were they allowed a referendum. If that day comes and the majority openly announces its Euroskepticism — sorry, “racism” — then the British government had better start building some orphanages.

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