Goldberg: Fiscal Cliff Negotiations ‘Kinda Ludicrous’

by Nathaniel Botwinick

On Special Report tonight, Jonah Goldberg weighed in on the current state of the fiscal cliff negotiations in Washington:

Some of this is kinda ludicrous. There is an enormous amount of public negotiating by people who aren’t privy to the negotiations. Particularly from senators. Senators have nothing to do with any of this. Who cares basically what is Lindsey Graham’s position on this is? He is not in on the negotiations. The Republicans in the Senate aren’t in on these negotiations. But there is something about the ecosystem in Washington that says that senators cannot resist being part of the story, even when they have no part in the story. This is basically between the House and the White House right now. Boehner’s position strikes me as utterly reasonable — which is that he wants to raise a lot more revenue by closing these loopholes without raising the top tax rates. Whether that’s a negotiating strategy or not, I don’t know.

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