Highly Gassified Information

by Mark Steyn

Jill Kelley, cougar-de-camp to CentCom, has been fired as honorary consul of South Korea:

Jill Kelley misused her title as honorary consul by raising it in personal business dealings, a Foreign Ministry official.

A New York businessman said Kelley was introduced to him at the GOP Convention in Tampa in August as someone whose friendship with Petraeus would help facilitate a no-bid deal with South Korea on a coal-gasification project. But she demanded a 2 percent commission, said Adam Victor, president executive officer of TransGas Development Systems.

As America abandons its diplomats in Benghazi, so South Korea abandons its diplomats in Tampa.

(I believe Mrs Kelley’s identical twin remains honorary consul of North Korea, having helped facilitate Kim Jong Un’s “Sexiest Man Alive” award.)

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