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Another day, another super insightful and well-informed critique of my Girls piece. This time it’s from Sarah Devlin of “The Jane Dough”. A few quick notes on her response: She sallies forth by arguing that my comparison of Apatow and Dunham’s work is real silly and dumb because Apatow works on the show. First, I said he was a producer of the show. Second, the comparison wasn’t unfavorable. Third, read the piece, it’s not that long. Next, she says I got a plot point wrong. Mm, actually no. Watch it for yourself if you feel deeply invested in World Wide Web debates about minutiae of Girls storylines. Or don’t, it’s all good.

Devlin concludes by saying, without much explanation or defense, that I’m wrong about how handing out free birth control might not be the most empowering thing ever for women. It’s difficult to respond to this because she doesn’t really make any sort of argument beyond saying I’m “bonkers” and writing “Hahahahahahahahahaha”. But here goes: If we assume that feminism, in a tiny tiny reductive nutshell, is based on the premise that women own their bodies, then we should assume that feminists would want women to be responsible for said bodies. Dunham’s Obama ad seems to disagree with that conclusion. That’s a problem. I like Girls, but I reject the argument that female empowerment and gender parity require a free packet of birth control in every medicine cabinet. Seriously, this isn’t very complicated.


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