Your Faction Is the Problem, Ch. 357

by Ramesh Ponnuru

Representative Shelley Moore Capito (R., W. Va.) is running for the Senate, and Club for Growth president Chris Chocola isn’t happy about it. In a press release trashing her he writes,

This year, the Republican establishment cheered the U.S. Senate candidacies of Congressmen Denny Rehberg and Rick Berg and former Congresswoman Heather Wilson.  All three had the “right” resumes, and all three had no “divisive” primaries. Yet all three lost in races that were thought to be winnable. . . . Congresswoman Capito’s record looks a whole lot like the establishment candidates who lost this year.

In response Republican operative Brad Dayspring said, “It’s terrible. The club is trying to destroy her; the people who brought us Richard Mourdock.”

At the risk of repeating myself: Every faction of the party lost Senate races this year. There’s no way for anyone to claim, for factional advantage, that “your side’s candidates lost so to heck with you” without its boomeranging. By all means fight it out in primaries, but find some better arguments.

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