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Atlantic Writer Endorses Concealed Carry



Here, from Jeffrey Goldberg. Most of the ideas will be familiar to any longtime Second Amendment supporter, but it’s refreshing to see them in a left-leaning venue.

I think we see the center moving a bit here, thanks to the recent Supreme Court decisions and the empirical research on concealed carry. A number of people who are not affiliated with the gun-rights or conservative movements — such as Adam WinklerCraig Whitney, and now Goldberg — have publicly taken reasonable positions on guns.

These folks typically support some additional gun-control measures, such as banning high-capacity magazines or requiring background checks on private sales. Conservatives will find some elements of their arguments grating — Winkler is a little too harsh on the NRA, Whitney hates Stand Your Ground laws, Goldberg thinks the “gun-show loophole” is a real thing. But I think they are a sign that the Left is coming to grips with two important facts: (1) The Second Amendment takes gun bans off the table and (2) concealed-carry laws at the very least do not increase crime.