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Book-Publicist Pitches We Stopped Reading Dep’t



From an e-mail earlier today:

Good afternoon,

If you can’t get enough of the page-turning erotica of “Fifty Shades”, meet Ellie, a young twenty-something with a passion for raunchy . . .

Trust me, I’m nobody’s prude or anti-sex activist. (Just this afternoon, some poor fellow in the comboxes was sputtering with incredulity because I suggested that one can be unmarried and have a healthy and normal sex life.) It’s not sex I object to, it’s garbage — something we have all too much of in our culture. Nobody has ever told me, “Oh, Michael, you must read Fifty Shades, it’s so marvelous . . .” I can only imagine the level of quality of a Fifty Shades knockoff.


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