Dog Days at the White House

by Jillian Kay Melchior

Letting the country go to the dogs might actually be a good idea.

Historian Kathleen Kinsolving reports that America’s great leaders have done better with man’s best friend at their side. Her new book, Dogs of War, is about President Franklin D. Roosevelt, General George Patton, and Dwight D. Eisenhower — and their dogs. Politico reports:

Discussing the dogs of Roosevelt, Patton and Eisenhower, Kinsolving said, “I really think that these three dogs played an instrumental role in helping defeat Hitler.”


“These animals are incredibly beneficial to humans as a stress reliever,” said Kinsolving. “Can you imagine the stress and pressure those leaders were under? It’s great to read about powerful leaders having a soft place in their hearts for their dogs and how that helped them run the country even better.”

Kinsolving says President Obama should make better use of his Portuguese Water Dog, Bo:

“I think they need to think of something for Bo to do, like the way the Bushes had the ‘Barney Cam.’ Barney was featured on magazine covers with Laura Bush. I think the Obamas could include Bo more.”

 And, if photos from this weekend are any indication, the president might just be taking Kinsolving’s advice.

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