Obama’s School Takeover

by Stanley Kurtz

My post below on Obamacore, the president’s takeover of the K-12 curriculum just in time to miss the 2012 election, seems to have some bad links. I’ll supply new links and titles here, along with an added comment.

The article from today’s Washington Post describing the national battle over the new English requirements is “Common core sparks war over words.” The September 20, 2012 article that more frankly details Obama’s role in imposing the Common Core on the states is “Rethinking the Classroom: Obama’s overhaul of public education.”

The troubles with the new English curriculum discussed in my earlier post are only a part of what’s wrong with Obamacore. If you’ve noticed your elementary school child bringing home incomprehensible math problems that you can’t help with, your school district is probably converting to the Common Core’s math standards. Believe it or not, the fact that you can no longer help your child with math assignments is part of the idea. The math standards are a post for another day.

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