Walking Dead at Halftime (spoilers)

by Jonah Goldberg

I generally think this has been the best season of Walking Dead so far. They’ve clearly addressed a lot of the problems with the show (at least a lot of my problems). Last night’s mid-season finale was very strong, but it seemed clear to me at least that they took some shortcuts to cram a lot of stuff in. How did Daryl get caught? Why did the governor turn on Merle? Etc. This reader offers two more criticisms that ran through my mind as well:

 I know you are a fan of the show, but there are a couple of things from the finale that really had me laughing last night. 

First, we are told every episode to “keep it down” because walkers are attracted to noise.  Yet last night we had a huge gun battle in Woodbury and when Rick’s group finally makes it back over the wall to hunker down and wait for Daryl there isn’t a single walker around to trouble them.  Did the walkers have ear plugs?
Second, we are used to seeing Rick and the gang walk about and with no trouble at all blow the brains out of walkers 50 yards away (with hand guns no less!).  And yet when they were in Woodbury their sharp shooting apparently abandoned them as they could barely hit anything.
In any event, it is a fun show and it will be interesting to see what February brings.  

UPDATE: As a bunch of folks have pointed out to me, the governor’s anger at Merle is easily explained by Merle’s lying about killing Michonne. 

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