Fair ’n’ Balanced

by Jay Nordlinger

Today in Impromptus, I have the second in a three-part series called “Against the Tide.” It has to do with our culture, our politics — and what our options are, if any. (There are options, happy to report.) In today’s installment, I have an item on Matt Damon and his upcoming anti-fracking movie (bankrolled by Gulf Arabs). What can you do up against Hollywood (bankrolled by Gulf Arabs or not)? How many more people watch Matt Damon movies than bother to learn anything about oil production?

Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy a letter from a reader:


My daughter was randomly assigned to the pro-fracking side of a debate for a school assignment. I helped her prepare for it, including contacting a friend who is an activist for fracking, in case he knew of any data we had missed. She destroyed them. The teacher even jumped in on the anti-fracking side and tried to argue, since the assignment wasn’t going as planned, but truth prevailed. The anti-fracking crowd kept appealing to the teacher, saying, “But she keeps using facts!”

Beautiful — and I applaud the teacher, for her willingness even to acknowledge a pro-fracking side. Will they kick her out of the union? (The teacher may be a man, I realize — I’m just guessing and picturing.)

P.S. In my Nobel book, I have a tidbit on Scott Pelley, who now anchors the CBS Evening News. This comes in my section on the 2007 prize to Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Reporting for 60 Minutes, Pelley spent a good deal of time on global warming, but did not include any skeptics or dissenters. Asked why, he said, “If I do an interview with Elie Wiesel, am I required as a journalist to find a Holocaust denier?”

That’s the spirit. Nice goin’, CBS.

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