by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Has anyone else noticed that the media has been freed to report that Americans are suing the Obama administration over religious freedom? During the campaign we were to believe there was no controversy over the Department of Health and Human Services abortion-drug, contraception, sterilization mandate. You may recall the vice president outright lying about it during the vice-presidential debate. You may recall most of the press corps sticking to the Obama administration’s narrative on other occasions: buying the spin that objections had ceased, that the problem had been solved

But here in the Washington Post we get closer to the reality: 

dozens of Catholic dioceses, as well as Christian colleges and business owners who oppose contraception on moral or religious grounds, have sued to block the mandate from taking effect.

Well . . . it’s a start. 

There are 100 lawsuits, and they are not all about contraception. Wheaton College and Hobby Lobby, among others, have no objection to contraception. It’s the abortion-drug aspect of the mandate that clashes with their consciences. But that aspect of the mandate is still largely going unreported. 

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