Missouri Lawmaker Seeks to Legislate Thanksgiving, Curtail Black Friday

by Eliana Johnson

Missouri representative Jeff Roorda was reelected to state office in November, and he’s starting off his new term with a bang. In a bill dubbed the “Thanksgiving Family Protection Act,” Roorda proposes to curtail Black Friday by prohibiting retail stores from opening on Thanksgiving Day. In recent years, many large retailers have begun their sales on Thursday evening in order to give customers a head start on the Friday sales. Roorda is worried that, as competition among retailers increases, retail store employees will have “fewer and fewer hours to spend with their families.” “It’s Thanksgiving Day, not Black Friday Eve,” he said in a statement.

Roorda has been a Missouri state representative since 2004. He came under fire in 2010 when, during a speech on the House floor, he nearly came to blows with a Republican representative. According to the AP, the chamber’s observation gallery was filled with school children at the time. 


  Via Gateway Pundit.

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