About Last Night’s Green Light for Religious Freedom

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Looking over a shoulder, I read a headline on PoliticoPro, Politico’s even-more-inside-baseball subscription service: “Judge dismisses contraception rule challenge for two plaintiffs.” In the ruling last night, Judge Cogan made a few calls simultaneously. In read of the situation, he found that the Rockville Centre diocese and Catholic Charities might have some other way out, deeming their plans to be grandfathered in. 

Which, is of course, not the headline, cases have been dismissed, including in nearby Pittsburgh — surely not the whole headline: The president’s most recognizable opponent on this policy, representative of schools, hospitals, social-service organizations, Cardinal Dolan just got a judicial win. There’s a long way to go yet. But that’s the news. 

Don’t you love this little snapshot of the joys (a.k.a. burdens, arbitrariness, uncertainty, unconstitutionality … )  of Obamacare the HHS Mandate lawsuits demonstrate? 

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