Jindal: Republicans Have Terrible ‘Political Positioning’ on Fiscal Cliff

by Katrina Trinko

Bobby Jindal criticizes how Republicans have handled the fiscal cliff in Politico today:


I had the honor of serving in Congress. Here’s what I learned – there will be no significant change without structural reforms. That’s the polite way of saying it. The less gentle version is that Congress and this administration are psychologically incapable of getting our fiscal house in order without laws that give them no other alternative.

It appears clear to me that with President Obama having created a brand new entitlement program and having won re-election, and with our hand of cards in the Senate being weaker not stronger, and with Secretary Geithner’s laughable public offering last week, whatever deal is reached is going to contain elements that are detrimental to our economy. Elections have consequences, and the country is going to feel those consequences soon.

But in the negotiations, Republicans certainly should fight to at least get something done that will matter. At present, any reading of the headlines over the past week indicates that Republicans are fighting to protect the rich and cut benefits for seniors. It may be possible to have worse political positioning than that, but I’m not sure how.

Jindal goes on to list four goals — none of them related to preserving the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy — that Republicans should fight to gain in whatever deal ends the fiscal cliff: the balanced budget amendment, capping government spending to some percentage of GDP (Jindal likes 18 percent), requiring that any tax hikes be voted for by a supermajority, and establishing term limits.

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