Trotter’s Moonlighting Mystery

by Eliana Johnson

Illinois state senator Donne Trotter, a contender for Jesse Jackson Jr.’s House seat, was arrested last week when TSA authorities found a Beretta pistol in his luggage. Trotter told authorities that, the previous night, he worked a shift for his job as a security guard and forgot the gun was there. According to Chicago’s ABC affiliate, however, Trotter’s claim raised eyebrows because, after being caught with a gun nobody knew he owned, he claimed he used it for a job nobody knew he had. 

While Trotter is licensed to work as an armed guard for All Points Security and Detective Company, “His bio and campaign disclosures do not list his employment as a security guard, and he has declined to answer any questions about the matter.” Similarly, the company “has not responded to questions” and “has offered no explanation, context or proof of Senator Trotter’s actual employment.” 

Furthermore, the executive director of the security company, a man by the name of Don Rashid, has no security background. Rather, according to ABC, he works in public relations. 

The mystery deepens. We’ll keep you apprised of the developments as they unfold. 

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