Re: Crist Finds a Home . . .

by Jay Nordlinger

KC, I’ll tell you what most interested me about Charlie Crist’s tweet: He described the White House as “the home of President @BarackObama!” According to Wikipedia, Crist was born in 1956. So he should have been educated before the rot set in (barely). Didn’t some good old-fashioned civics teacher tell him that the White House is the home of all Americans, though it houses a president for a term or two?

I don’t mean to be picky — or overly picky — but this understanding used to be as common as oatmeal. Charlie Crist “creeps me out,” to use one of my favorite recent expressions. I’m happy to let the Democrats have him. I would also give up a few others. Anyone from the Democratic side we want? No one leaps to mind (although I haven’t thought about it much).

P.S. Katherine Connell — a.k.a. KC, a.k.a. KConn — is from New Hampshire. So if she ever decides to run for president, she’ll have a head start.

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