Re: Also Racist Now: Pronouns

by Patrick Brennan

Dan, implicit in Sirota’s lamenting that “almost all of the ‘we’ who allegedly oppose tax increases just so happen to be white people,” and that therefore the anti-tax-increases ad is racially coded messaging from Rove is the idea that most of the Americans whom Rove can rouse against tax increases are white. Given the proportion by which white Americans, Hispanics, and blacks vote for political parties generally, and in the most recent presidential election, he might be forgiven for thinking that.

Except it’s not true, and since he gleefully cites the fact that “polls . . . show raising taxes on the rich is an idea that most Americans do, indeed, support,” perhaps he should bother looking at what kind of Americans feel that way about the issue. The answer: Whites, blacks, and Hispanics all in about the same proportion. See the cross tabs from the Politico/GWU poll released today:

In fact, in the ABC/Washington Post poll Sirota cites about most Americans supporting tax increases on incomes over $250,000, there are actually slightly more whites in favor of them than non-whites. Pretending that the anti-tax coalition is wholly white, or that the pro-tax coalition is much more diverse, is a complete fantasy. To paraphrase Sirota, omission of these facts, while dishonest, is par for the course in liberals’ post-truth opinions on race.

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