Carney: Obama Wants to See More Than a ‘Sentence on Revenue’

by Robert Costa

Fiscal-cliff news is slow today, but Jay Carney did tell reporters this afternoon that President Obama is waiting for Speaker John Boehner to offer more specifics. The president, he said, wants to hear more about the GOP’s flexibility on revenue:

“What we haven’t seen yet is any specificity at all from Republicans on revenue; we’ve [only] seen a sentence on revenue.  And while there have been encouraging statements by individual lawmakers about the realization that rates will go up on the top 2 percent, we haven’t seen anything specific from Republicans with regard to that.”

Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and others sent a letter to the White House last week about their position. Republicans are open to discussing revenue, but they won’t budge on rates. “We continue to oppose” tax-rate increases, they wrote.

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