Re: Also Racist Now: Pronouns

by Robert VerBruggen

Dan (and everyone else who piled on): It is pathetic that, in support of such an inflammatory thesis, all Sirota can do is “frigging count[] minorities.” What’s even more pathetic is that the count doesn’t show what he seems to think it does.

According to Sirota, the people chosen to represent normal Americans in the ad are up to 25 percent non-white (“two or three” out of twelve). It’s hard even to say this is a break from America’s overall demographics. The Census says America is 78 percent white, or 63 percent non-Hispanic white. The term “Hispanic” is problematic when you’re trying to count people by race, because it does not denote a race, but rather an ethnicity, and a vaguely defined one at that — but from these numbers, it seems likely to me that maybe one-quarter to one-third of Americans don’t “look white.”

At most, even if we assume that twelve people who flash by briefly in a political ad should reflect America’s racial demographics as precisely as possible, there should have been four non-white-looking cast members instead of “two or three.” I find it hard to believe the average white viewer not only notices the disparity but interprets it as a racial code.

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