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Man’s Feathered Friend


At the end of Impromptus today, I have an item about something I saw in Central Park: A man was taking his bird out for a walk. The bird was in its cage. It was amazing to see the man stroll along the bridle path, doing his thing along with the dog-walkers, joggers, and everyone else. It seemed like his arm was at an uncomfortable angle, however. Sort of awkward, taking your bird out for a walk, in its cage. If the bird were perched on your shoulder — that would be something else.

A reader from Michigan says, “In the warm months, a neighbor takes her parrot on walks. No cage!” And here is something from a reader who grew up in the Orient (as we used to call it, in the bad old days): “Did you know that it was once a hobby among wealthy Chinese to ‘play with birds’? They took birds along in cages as they patronized teahouses and the like.”

She sends along this picture, giving a taste of a lost world — kind of interesting.


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