Nobel Laureate Steyn Takes On National Review

by Mark Steyn

Jack Fowler writes today about fantasy Nobel laureate Michael Mann’s suit against me and National Review. Unlike Dr. Mann, we don’t have boxes of Nobel Prize certificates from Kinko’s to auction on eBay, so we’ve launched a legal appeal. Personally, I’d like to raise enough to buy our lawyer a barrister’s wig and court coat, perhaps with lace jabots. Anyway, if you can chip in a few groats, we’ll do our best to stick Dr. Mann’s hockey stick where the global warming don’t shine.

Our friends at The Blaze ran a story on the suit, and the first few commenters are already taking sides:

I stand with Mark Stein. Sorry National Review. I hope you lose.

Er, last I knew, I was on the same side as National Review. Unless you’ve heard something.

The next commenter says:

If they would get rid of Kristol and guys like him I might be willing to help.

Er, Kristol is the guy at The Weekly Standard — the other mag. If it would help, for a donation of $250, we’d be willing to hire Bill Kristol just so we can fire him on your say-so.

So pick your sides for the trial of the century: Mark Stein vs. Bill Kristol’s National Review.

On the other hand, these fellows are way ahead of MSNBC, which is still proclaiming Michael Mann as the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner. Evidently, the slackers at MSNBC didn’t get the memo – from the Nobel committee, and from the actual winner.

UPDATE: I promise to come to court wearing my official EU “I won the Nobel Peace Prize” button.

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