Re ‘Nobel Laureate Steyn . . .’

by Jay Nordlinger

Now that Mark has won the Nobel Peace Prize, given his connection to the EU, what about the literature prize? Here’s my pitch: Funnier than Dario Fo; more honest than Günter Grass; more coherent than Harold Pinter; as musical as Seamus Heaney; less Castro-loving than Gabriel García Márquez; as debonair as Saul Bellow; less totalitarian than Jean-Paul Sartre (way less) . . .

We could play this game all day. But here’s my coup de grâce (or coup de gras, as we Americans now say): practically as Churchillian as Churchill (the laureate for 1953), at a time when the Churchill “roar” is really, really needed. (You can throw in one more “really,” if you like.)

P.S. No one knows this, but Alfred Nobel says, in his will, that his literature prize should honor work “in an ideal direction.” So, our case is even stronger . . .

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