Higher Taxes and Free Support Thrown In?

by Victor Davis Hanson

One of the arguments on the perennial campaign trail that the president keeps making about the need to tax those who make over $250,000 is the inclusion of himself in the targeted group, usually with some quip like “those like me,” the intent being that if he is nobly willing to suffer, then others less noble should not be so self-interested in resisting the new tax bites. But most of the small-business people hit with rising federal taxes, often higher state taxes, and new surcharges on the “wealthy” included in the Obamacare provisions are most certainly not like the president. Almost all who make over $250,000 would hardly worry about paying higher taxes if the federal government gave them the president’s deal and so paid all their housing, food, utility, entertainment, and transportation costs, and insured comparable health and retirement benefits. It is really not a very good rhetoric trope to suggest that because Obama himself is going to be hit by the very higher taxes he proposes, then somehow we are to be won over to his argument of his own magnanimity — which in truth is not all that magnanimous. 

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