Re: Gawker and Crowder

by Michael Walsh

Charlie, plus ça change, as the saying goes. The thug Left has been enamored of violence since I was a pup in the ’60s. Back in the day, it was called — admiringly — direct action, which basically meant applying a brick to a window or a fist to somebody’s face when you were caught up in Days of Rage. 


But that’s what comes of allowing them to (in their own minds at least) claim the moral high ground; anything they do is in a good cause, and the more evil they can convince themselves that conservatives are, the greater the level of violence they’re prepared to engage in. As I keep reminding you young whippersnappers, when they say “by any means necessary” they mean it. Here’s Malcom X, by way of Sartre, explaining it all for you:

Of course, it’s a long stretch of moral high ground from the civil-rights movement to protecting union privileges for beefy thugs, but that’s progress for you. 

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