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Krauthammer: Daily Update on Fiscal Cliff ‘Like Covering Every Day a Tortoise 10K’


Charles Krauthammer may be getting tired of covering the fiscal cliff negotiations:

Asking us every day for a daily update on the cliff is like covering every day a tortoise 10K. You  know, Tortoise A has advanced a neck length and the other is not a full shell. Obama is running out the clock. In your polls, it’s clear that you can look and find support for any position you want. Yes, the strongest support is for raising taxes on the rich. So that’s going to happen. But remember, the Republicans caved on that, on the day after election day in offering almost $1 trillion in revenues. You do get people saying that is not enough by 10 to 1 in the poll. They say, “but you have to also have spending cuts.” That is where Obama is running out the clock.