Anarchy in the U.K.?

by Michael Potemra

Not quite, but there is a great deal of upheaval in the religious demographics over there. According to the recent census, the number of residents of England and Wales who self-identify as Christian has fallen from 72 percent to 59 percent over the past decade; the number of Muslims has risen from 3 percent to 5 percent; and the number of those who claim “no religion” has risen from 15 percent to 25 percent. There were some especially interesting results from Northern Ireland: The percentage of Protestants has declined substantially, from 53 percent to 48 percent, and the percentage of Catholics has risen slightly, from 44 percent to 45 percent. (Apologies to Mark Steyn, who likes to refer to himself as our resident “demographics bore.” I am not trying to intrude on his professional turf; consider this, rather, just another contribution toward my niche as our resident “religion bore.”)

(H/t New Oxford Review News Link.)

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