Putin: ‘So Nobody Dies in Their Prisons, Right?’

by Nathaniel Botwinick

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president and preeminent expert on human rights from his years in the KGB, does not approve of the Magnitsky bill passed recently by Congress, which prohibits Russians involved in human-rights abuses from entering America and using our banking system. Sergei Magnitsky, after whom the bill was named, was a Russian lawyer who discovered $200 million worth of corruption by Russian officials. He was then arrested on trumped up charges of tax evasion and mysteriously died in prison. Putin criticized the bill by attacking America’s human-rights record:

So nobody dies in their prisons, right? Maybe there are more [deaths] in theirs than in ours. Listen, they haven’t shut Guantanamo for eight years now. They keep people in shackles and chains without trial or investigation, like in the Middle Ages. [These are] people who open secret prisons and legalized torture to conduct investigations, and these people are now lecturing us about some of our failings?

Nothing like watching a dictator try to claim the moral high ground.

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