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MSNBC: In Presidential Bid, Christie’s Weight Would Be ‘His Version’ of Romney’s Tax Returns


We noted yesterday Barbara Walters’ awkward inquisition of Chris Christie on the subject of his weight. He didn’t seem too pleased when she asked him if he was too fat to be president. Today, Chuck Todd’s MSNBC panel argued that, were he to run for president, the American public would be so concerned about the health problems caused by his weight, that Christie’s medical records would become his version of Romney’s tax returns.

“Look, if he runs for president, Jonathan,” said Chuck Todd, “the version of ‘where are his tax returns?’ is going to be ‘where are his medical records?’” Politico’s Jonathan Martin said, “You can just see…the rest of the press corps saying ‘show us the records.’”

They went on to say it’s perfectly appropriate that the American public should express this sort of concern about the health of their presidential candidates. 


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