by Andrew Stuttaford

Poland’s prime minister appears to have taken leave of his senses.

Reuters reports:

WARSAW, Dec 14 (Reuters) – Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has raised the prospect of relaunching his country’s bid to join the euro soon, saying to do otherwise would risk simply being on the European Union’s periphery.

The largest member of the EU’s emerging east has so far treated euro entry as a rather distant prospect amid the turbulence surrounding the common currency.

But top officials in Warsaw have grown concerned it could be left outside what it sees as Europe’s core as the euro zone makes far-reaching decisions to steady itself after its recent crisis, including this week’s decision to give the European Central Bank new powers to supervise banks.

Speaking to reporters during a visit to Brussels on Thursday, Tusk said Poland faced a choice “whether to become a part of the heart of Europe, which will be the union around the economic-financial axis, where the common currency is at the core, or become a rather peripheral state with its own currency.”

He said the actual adoption was a matter of years away, but if Poland does not take a decision in the coming months, the opportunity may “float away”.

A source close to the government told Reuters the government could target 2017 as an entry date, which would mean it needed to push forward next year to enter the pre-adoption currency stabilisation mechanism known as ERM-2 and peg its currency to the euro in 2014…

When forced to choose between the loopy and sinister utopianism of the European “dream” on the one side and economic logic and the preservation of Polish democracy on the other, Tusk has made it clear where he stands.

It is to be hoped that Poland’s voters are paying attention. 

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