Last Chance to Give in 2012!

by NRO Staff

Since most of your inbox today looks a bit like that subject line, why not at least respond on this last day of the year, supporting the National Review Online you’ve long and consistently set your browser on.

Here are some of the comments from readers who contributed to our ongoing lawsuit-necessitated fundraising drive over the weekend:

From a $100 contributor: “Good work and good luck, everyone.”

Along with  $50, this:

As a young person in Vermont, at the University of Chicago, and in South Korea, I have tended to be intellectually isolated among my peers.  But wherever I’ve been, I’ve always had NRO to turn to for sanity.  What a comfort it has been.  It has even encouraged me to write about my views, with the aspiration that maybe one day they will be published in National Review and elsewhere. Thank you for the knowledge, laughter, insight, and frequent stirrings up of my righteous indignation. Go get ‘em!

With $50: “good luck and thanks for doing the right thing.”

And with $50: “I like the challenge to to desert form the ranks of the ‘mooches.’ Worked on me.

A $100 contributor writes: “Please and honored to be in the struggle with you. ROCK ON!”

With $100, this: “Wish I could give more.  Your hockey stick gauge of contributions was ingenious.”

And with $100: “keep on keepin ‘ on folks!!!!  You’re my sanity!”

2012 is passing away, but National Review Online will be here for years to come, with your support. Read more here. Contribute here.

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