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Promises, Promises


For the last five years, candidate Obama and President Obama repeatedly assured Americans earning less than $250,000 a year that their taxes wouldn’t go up — “not one cent.” Only “millionaires and billionaires” would see their taxes increase. It’s January 7, 2013, and most people making over $50,000 a year have discovered that, somehow, they’re paying more in taxes.

Four years ago, the Obama administration promised that if Congress passed the $814 billion stimulus bill, the unemployment rate today would be 5.2 percent. Instead, the unemployment rate has never been below 7.8 percent since Obama took office. In fact, as James Pethokoukis notes, had millions of workers not dropped out of the workforce since Obama’s inauguration, the unemployment rate today would be 10.7 percent — more than double the rate promised. And good luck searching for all the infrastructure built with stimulus money.

Three years ago, during the height of the Obamacare “debate,” Obama promised that health-insurance premiums for the average household would go down $2,500. Today, insurance premiums are up $3,000 and industry analysts expect rates to rise even further.

Two years ago, Obama said he couldn’t (and implied that he wouldn’t) implement amnesty for illegal immigrants . . .

Last year, Obama stated emphatically that Iran would not be permitted to develop nuclear weapons . . .

Up until the October 16, 2012, presidential debate Obama assured Americans that he wasn’t coming after anyone’s guns . . .

And the Hill reports today that President Obama’s congressional allies, fresh off of raising taxes only on millionaires and billionaires, will be seeking an additional $1 trillion in taxes this year through “tax reform . . .”

Hide the women and children. And your wallets, guns . . .


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