Scarborough: Hagel’s Not ‘Out of the Mainstream’

by Andrew Johnson

On Monday’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough stood by the White House’s pick of Chuck Hagel for defense secretary, following Senator Lindsey Graham’s “in-your-face nomination” comment about Hagel. “Certainly no one in Washington — outside of Lindsay Graham, and John McCain, and a small group of neocons — believe that Chuck Hagel is out of the mainstream in U.S. foreign policy, do they?” Scarborough asked the Washington Post’s David Ignatius. Ignatius initially downplayed Hagel’s record as having “some fundamental bias against Israel,” only to immediately follow up with: “There’s no question that he’s a more skeptical person about some Israeli military ambition in the region than some others. It is true that he has been more open, for example, to an opening by the United States to Hamas.”  

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