The Future

by Peter Robinson

Today on Uncommon Knowledge, Islam historian Bernard Lewis and Commentary editor Norman Podhoretz predict the future.

“I am incorrigibly optimistic about the United States of America. I don’t think that we are an empire in decline, though no empire lasts forever, but we’re not an empire. So both premises are false. We’re not an empire; we’re not in decline. I think despite the blow that my faith in the American public has taken from this last election. I continue to believe that there is health and vitality and good sense in this nation, especially if we eliminate the left and right coasts where… I often say where I live is Plague Central, which is in Manhattan, of course. So I continue to believe in American exceptionalism. I continue to believe that in the end, who was it? I think Churchill said, ‘after we do all the wrong things, we finally do the right thing.’”

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